Kruska Necklace Tutorial



Kruska Necklace is built in 8/0 Miyuki seed beads so grow quickly.

My tutorials consist of photos, This one has no graphic illustrations just 96 photos, some silly colours included - anything to make the learning easier.

The tutorial starts with instruction pages on how to weave CRAW - cubic right angle weave, so this makes it suitable for beginners through to intermediate beaders.

Whilst this is suitable for the beginner I would advise practicing the basic section before going forward to the main part of the tutorial.

The tutorial then takes you through creating a bezel with diff sized beads and of course how to join into a circle.

then it takes you forward to building CRAW units on top of others, then creating a ellipse join.

then it takes you onto adding a rope and adding crystal stations to your work.

This tutorial will teach CRAW but it also has something to advance those that can already do the stitch.

To make up to a 24” necklace.

Miyuki 8/0 seeds x 30g

Miyuki 11/0 Seed Beads x 1g

Miyuki 15/0 Seed Beads x 4g

( you can use 13/0 Charlottes in place of the 15/0 seeds)

14mm Rivoli x 1

8mm round Swarovski crystal x 12.


LL Designs is the Jewellery Trading name for Louise Francis.

Please respect my time and effort in producing this design for your use.

Try and resist passing this to your friends and encourage them to contact me to purchase a pattern of their own.

These instructions are for your personal use only and do not copy, share or teach this pattern without my written consent.

You may sell what you make from this pattern (no mass production) but please credit me with the design especially when selling on line.