Regal Bracelet and Earrings Turorial Bundle



Welcome to The Regal Bracelet and Earring Tutorial Bundle

Knowledge of peyote stitch is a requirement as this tutorial assumes a knowledge of the stitch.

This tutorial bundle is for both the Regal Bracelet and the Regal Earrings tutorials.

Materials needed for Bracelet.

10 x 8mm round beads

4g x Main Colour 11/0 seed

4g x Accent Colour 11/0 seed

3g x 15/0 seeds

100 x 4mm Fire polished beads.

6mm magnetic clasp.

The materials listed are for up to an 8" bracelet. You can of course add more to make longer.

Materials needed for the Earrings.

Each pair will require the following:-

2 x 8mm round beads

3g x Main Colour 11/0 seed

2g x Accent Colour 11/0 seed

1g x 15/0 seeds

8 x 4mm Fire polished beads.

2 x 10mm stud fittings plus backs.

These patterns are also available individually.


LL Designs is the Jewellery Trading name for Louise Francis.

Please respect my time and effort in producing this design for your use.

Try and resist passing this to your friends and encourage them to contact me to purchase a pattern of their own.

These instructions are for your personal use only and do not copy, share or teach this pattern without my written consent.

You may sell what you make from this pattern (no mass production) but please credit me with the design especially when selling on line.